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The Josephine Avenue Group (JAG) is a community group founded in the 1970’s whose main aims are to support local residents and keep the place looking good. We hold regular public meetings where all residents are welcome. This is a good way of finding out what’s going on in the street, meeting neighbours and discussing matters of mutual interest.


Membership of this site is open to residents living in the prescribed Josephine Avenue area (see constitution). To register click here. Once logged in members can ‘comment’ on existing topics or create their own by clicking New/Post at the top of their browser window. By default these will be entered into the public ‘General Discussion’ unless stipulated otherwise. Please keep posts to a factual or informative nature. Personal comments or insinuations against other Josephine Avenue Group members will not be tolerated (if you object to anything written on this site please let us know).

You can also subscribe to our weekly Mailchimp Newsletter by entering your email address in the left hand column of this web page. You can also follow us on social network sites…

josephine avenue sign      josephine avenue sign

  • spring street clean Sunday 7 May - A chance to spend an hour or two to meet your neighbours, have fun and help your local community This year’s Spring Street Clean starts 10am on Sunday 7th May. Meet outside 1 Helix Gardens, right in the middle of Josephine Avenue. We have some equipment – gloves, rubbish sacks etc but please bring your […]
  • URGENT!! Spot needed for Bouncy Castle at Street Party - We’ve just heard from our regular suppliers Beckenham Castles that they can’t after all supply a bouncy castle for this year’s Street Party Sunday 18 June – the insurers will no longer cover bouncy castles on hard surfaces. Does anyone in Josephine Avenue have a patch of grass where we can pitch the bouncy castle […]
  • Future of Brockwell Park One o’clock club “safe” ? - Local JAG families of pre-schoolers might want to read about the news circulating on Lambeth’s One O ‘Clock clubs, like the one in Brockwell Park. In recent light of the Lamberth cuts, following swinging national Government cuts, councillors have said that they are deterimined to keep local facilities going.  Read more here.
  • Parking – they’re at it again - Residents in streets immediately south of JAG should beware if they don’t want to be slapped with the same draconian parking restrictions as we’ve had in our road and neighbouring Leander  & Helix for the past 10 years, and are still fighting to be reviewed. Lambeth is currently undertaking a ‘review’ of residents’ views on […]
  • Local Am Dram Group - If you’re a keen Am Dram player or think you’d like to get involved, did you know there’s a local theatre less than 10 minutes away which puts on shows all year round? South London Theatre is currently casting & always touting for new members.They also run children‘s & youth classes on Saturdays. They also […]



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