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JAG Survey 2016

  • We would like to hear your concerns about our neighbourhood. This 5 minute survey will help us prioritise what we need to do in 2017. Our next JAG meeting will be held Tues 24th Jan 7:30pm at Stir Coffee, all residents welcome.


  • Very worriedWorriedBit worriedNot worried
    Hedge Maintenance
    Tree Maintenance
    Garden Maintenance
    Street Maintenance
    Pavement Maintenance
    Carriage-way Maintenance
    Street Prostitution
    Street Drug Users
    Other Street Crime
    House Burglary
    Street Lighting
    Carriage-way Lighting
    Street Parking
    Carriage-way Parking
    Derelict plot 85 Brixton Hill
    Abandoned vehicles/trailers
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