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Street Projects

This is your space to suggest projects for the street. These could be ideas for a community event, fund raising project, social activity, Rush Common maintenance, etc. How about an Open-Air Cinema evening, a Street Party, mending those Pot Holes, a Summer Fete, Car Boot Sale, fixing that Fencing, Gardening Club… what ideas do you have?
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Cycle ‘Hangers’ installed by Lambeth Council.

Cyclehoop, in association with the London Borough of Lambeth, have installed 13 Bikehangars in the North of the borough.  These Lambeth Bikehangars will create 156 secure bike parking spaces, which can be rented by residents. If this scheme is a success it may be rolled out across the borough. Could this be a useful addition to Josephine Avenue, what do you think? More information at CycleHoop.

Lambeth bike hangar, photo from cyclehoop.com

Pot-Hole, 23 Helix Gardens

Generally the carriage-ways are starting to get bad, but in particular there is a massive pot-hole outside 23 Helix Gardens. Perhaps street funds could be used to help fund its repair?